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Time is your only true enemy. It is our most valuable commodity, and the only one we can never get back. Do your best to not waste what little time you have, and take advantage of every second available in life. ~J

Episode 006: We have already lived your life; The full monty

The truth about today, is that it’s just a moment away from what was yesterday. You may think you are alone,...

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Episode 005: Why i chose to kill myself

Life is at times overwhelming, and solitude can sometimes saturate your soul. The best solution may just be to wipe your...

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EPISODE 003: The Actual Intro; What We’re All About

Spend a little time getting to know the team and what brought them to create the podcast. It’s only a few...

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Episode 002: A steaming pile of “whatever”. (Our first real banter)

Josh and James go off on a tangent about fear and its current hold on the world. This episode was going...

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Episode 004a: A monologue of pain past. “we have already lived your life” – Rodecast submission.

The following is a short excerpt from our upcoming fourth episode. It has been entered into the Rode Microphones My Rodecast...

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Episode 001: Go F#©K Yourself

You’re all so fucking hateful. I’m not necessarily wondering how we got here, but I am absolutely terrified of what is...

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Idea Iconography.

We would like to meet the guy that decided the metaphor of light filling a dark room should be the visual parallel to genius happening. 

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Seriously. Jared is an audio mastermind. Hammond Productions for life. 

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We are just a bunch of people that believe the world is still a good place, and believe in the power of the human being. 

James Pickett

Photographer, Artist, Helicopter Pilot... Just a guy who talks too much.

Josh Wells

Josh makes some music and talks... He might do some other things too.

Jared Hammond

Sound master, and occasional talker.

Lady Liberty

MISSING: If you find her please call 212-639-9675

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