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James Pickett


From cars and art to fashion in Manhattan James has been a photographer and culture geek for the better part of 20 years. After the fashion world got a little too political he took a break and learned to fly helicopters. These days he works for Elevation Ten Thousand and flies over New York City on the weekends. He also dreamt up this crazy vocal paradigm.  (Sorry.)

Fashion Photography: http://jamespickettphotography.com
Aviation and Auto: http://fourfiveseven.com
You can also follow his personal Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Watch this: Heli flight in Manhattan

Josh Wells


Josh Wells is an Entrepanuer with immense passions. He spent his early life traveling the world & recording music with his band “Close To Home”.

He has been part of forming numerous businesses and consulted for diverse brands. To sum up his energy for existence into one word would best be described by “create”.

Always looking to create value & help others on their personal journey.

Creating multiple clothing lines, writing music for himself & others, extensive background in marketing, an intensity for culinary creation & nutrition, and an endless thirst for knowledge. Whether it be Business, philosophy, History, Science, Nutrition, Music, Apparel, or many other en-devours. His devotion to knowledge and living his best life is always apparent.

He also raises lots of chickens with his loving wife.

Jared Hammond


Jared Hammond found his love for mixing and recording while playing in punk bands in the early 2000s.  He quickly realized he preferred being behind the scenes and in front of a mixing board.  He produced live concerts for several years across upstate New York.  This lead him to Vancouver Film School where he studied Sound Design for Visual Media. He currently heads up Technology Development for an agency that supports people with disabilities in upstate New York.  He also runs a small studio producing photography and videos, but most notably high end audio recording and post-production.

He spends his free time traveling with his wife Kathryn and their dog Jameson.  Jared enjoys guacamole and dislikes writing about himself.   

Lady Liberty

Location: Unknown.

If found please call for help. 

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Philosophy, Sociology, Psychology, Art, Wisdom, Life but mostly bullshit. Existential debate and five minute wisdom has never been so open. We ask the hard questions and swing for the fences with the most objective point of view we possibly can. Live fearless and don’t be a dick. (We do not claim this image, and cannot answer the obvious question… “Why is one microphone talking to the other microphone?”) 

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