You’re all so fucking hateful. I’m not necessarily wondering how we got here, but I am absolutely terrified of what is next. every day it seems like our ability to coexist peacefully is breaking down to a pile of ash. I only say it seems that way because this breakdown exists only in a world of ideals, it is not tangible. Life goes on almost the same as it always does in our day to day lives, people, aside from criminals and extremists, treat each other with respect and dignity, even laugh at each other and smile at strangers … yet when you get home…

you hide behind your keyboards and trash the same neighbors you smiled at minutes earlier over what?

In our minds we hate people we don’t even know. Make no mistake here. Hate is hate. If you remember the way we used to be, to hate anyone for being different than you makes you by definition… a bigot. the definition doesn’t classify what type of people you can and cannot hate. When you impose that hate on another person you are in fact a bully.

We are all real people, we all have real problems and we just don’t have time to deal with unattainable ideals, we don’t have time to worry about what other people support, what they believe in, or why. Every moment you spend trying to control someone else’s life or being angry over their beliefs, you are letting your own life slip away. One second at a time you are wasting your life and that is time you can NEVER get back.

This is human stew, and I’m here to tell you to go fuck yourself.

This is a bold statement, I’m aware. The statement isn’t necessarily meant to be taken literal, but more a statement of how we’re not going to walk on eggshells, and were not going to be apologetic. We prefer to exist in a world without hate, without hyper sensitivity, and without the destruction of another persons character.

Simply put, were probably going to offend you, but it isn’t intentional. We are always going to interact with the world in a rational, objective manner. We truly hope you can do the same and listen, rationalize, contemplate and above all just be humble. Respect other people, all other people the way you expect to be respected… If you feel like you deserve to be treated a certain way, make sure you treat other people the same way… If you cant at least do that, go fuck yourself.

Welcome to Human Stew, the place for philosophy, psychology, sociology, a little bit of wisdom, but mostly bullshit.

Life is actually good for some people, and life is an ongoing tragedy for others. Some are quite slowly getting past what was once a traumatizing existence, and still others are slowly slipping into hell. Others are still surviving with no help at all.

Were going to talk about all of it.

Philosophy is the discipline where we are supposed to ask the hard questions, and objectively theorize what we should do. Whats next, are we doing the right thing, are the decisions were making going to effect more than just our immediate self. Are we going to be effecting other people… are we going to be effecting the future.

Time is a huge portion of our lives and the only resource we have, that we can never get back once it is gone. You can make more money, you can always buy more food, but time is infinitely fleeting.

This is real life, we hope this will in some way inspire you, help you, or at the very least make you think. the world wants you to be afraid, and were here to encourage you to fight that and live fearlessly.

If you don’t like what we have to say, well… We cant please everyone and we don’t want to shoulder the stress of trying, so… go fuck yourself. We say that with nothing but love. There will always be things you don’t agree with and this episode shall serve as a trigger warning for everything that happens from this point forward.

We will never say you are wrong for believing in anything, and we will never be one of the people that says “as long as its not in my backyard…” Bring it to my back yard, I don’t care. Come hang out… Just don’t hate me for not being the same as you.

Bigots… Go fuck yourself
Bullys… Go fuck yourself

If you are the type of person to hate other people because they aren’t like you, whatever that means… you know what you can do.

This is pirate radio.

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