Episode 007: with every tick of the clock, you are closer to death

This episode contradicts its very own existence. We discuss the fragility of time and how it cannot be re-earned yet this episode has sat in the wings molding since its creation. We human beings can be our own worst enemy and we as creators are no exception. The chaos of life can sometimes mask our ability to create, to enjoy, to observe the world yet our stagnancy can be terminal. This episode launches the day after the untimely death of basketball superstar Kobe Bryant, who’s life was cut short, and hits close to home with the way in which he passed. A sobering reminder that we must respect aircraft, and a more sobering reminder that even if you maximize the time you have on earth, time can catch up with you, and run out without warning.

“Whats the part of your life you regret even doing, that you wish you could go back and do something else… But I want to know the thing that plagues you.”

The time we have is fleeting and perishable, it is our one natural resource that can never be replenished, saved or stored. Why waste what little we have left.

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