Episode 004a: A monologue of pain past. “we have already lived your life” – Rodecast submission.

The following is a short excerpt from our upcoming fourth episode. It has been entered into the Rode Microphones My Rodecast competition. We figured the contest could use a bit of James’ punk rock musings, so we threw our hat into the ring.  Give it a listen and a vote at the Rode Website.

“I am terrible at this shit.” ~ Jared

We have already lived your life.

Hood up and head down hiding from authority and everything it represents.
Police, politics, parents, and peers there was no salvage.

Drunk, high, geeked, spun, straight and sloppy.

A frigid wind cuts through the skin to bone, half numb, staggering through alleyways desperate for a warm place to sleep, no friends around, nothing but the night.

Hitchhiking from town to town with no protection but darkness itself.

Only skinny because we were hungry.
Only happy when we were anything but sober.

Broken hearts and bloody mattresses, dark hallways, dark corners, back rooms, back doors, back yards and the back seat of cars.

Their sex drugs and Rock n Roll was our pain pleasure and empty soul.

Dead friends, oil stains, bruises, broken bones, hospitals, and seriously dead ends.

Another handle down we pledge allegiance to any other town but this one.

Burning candles and spilled liquor we pass the torch for her, for him and for all of them.

Their legacy will live on in our thoughts, our smiles, sunshine and many, many dark nights.

Our wall was one of communication, not concrete.

Our fight for equality was a fight for our right to exist. Gay, straight, skinny, fat, man, woman, dressed in drag or sloppy drunken hag…

We lived with rage in our veins.

Never good enough for anyone.

In the darkness, we have no color.

Black, white, Hispanic, Indian, Asian, mixed or alien…

We stood hand in hand for survival and fought for each other without question.

We were the angels of the night.

The balance between good and evil is all we knew,

and by who’s definition, by what religion, we may never realize.

We have lived your life, and we did it without hate.

We are the godfathers of acceptance; we are the instrument of truth.

We are the ones that paved the way for your journey.

Our brothers and sisters were the soldiers of youth and the warriors of life.

We still stand beside you.

And we still stand up for you.

We will still die for you.

Those of us still standing have nothing but love left.

We have survived the night

For the sake of crime and casualty, our life has become our trophy.

We have already lived your life.

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